The Dubois Duo meets the Italian composers


The project is born from the interest for us to be able to interpret music written by contemporary composers in concert.
The idea of ​​focusing on new works, with the collaboration of living composers, was born following a period where we had dealt with almost all the repertoire already existing for our duo.

We reflected on the directions that the Duo could take by continuing to propose a
repertoire now historicized and those he could take by proposing new pages of
music for saxophone and percussion, orienting us definitively on the second possibility.

As musicians and performers, the work we are carrying out for the development of compositional techniques for our instruments is very important, a meticulous work of researching of uncommon tonal variations, new sounds and new nuances for a formation that does not has a well-defined "history" in the musical environment.

A fertile ground for composers and performers, we strongly believe that the musical horizons, in the relationship between our instruments, can improve more and more.

These ideas were greeted with enthusiasm by the CIDIM (National Music Committee) which
he sensed the potential of our duo and gave us the opportunity to interact with the composers with whom we work closely for the creation of new works.

The fruit of this collaboration culminated with Sùsu, our first CD produced by EMAVinci.


CD: Sùsu

Release: December 2019

Producer: EMAVinci

  • Maura Capuzzo - Scura e incerta la lunga leggerezza del mare, (2018); 

  • Andrea Nicoli - Il bosco del Fatonero, (2018);

  • Andrea Talmelli - Abstract Landscape, (2018);

  • Alessandro Milia - Giorni ritorni divago ricordo, (2019); 

  • Maria Teresa Treccozzi - Orazion Picciola, (2019);

  • Maurizio Azzan - Tutte le estensioni dell'aura, (2019).

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