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Portrait - Stefano Gervasoni



Portrait represents the solo and chamber music production for saxophone and percussion by Stefano Gervasoni, with two new revision of Rigirìo (2000-22) and Anadromous Coda (2003-23). Together with Andrea and Arianna we have enjoyed this journey since the first meeting with the composer in 2019.

Concert program: 

Stefano Gervasoni 

  • Phanes II (2014) for soprano saxophone solo; 

  • Odoi II (2015-17) for two soprano saxophones; 

  • Pres II (2011-13) for piano solo; 

  • Anadromous Coda (2003-23) for percussions solo;

  • Rigirìo (2000-22) for baritone saxophone, piano and percussion. 


  • Alberto Cavallaro, Saxophones; 

  • Federico Tramontana, Percussions; 

  • Andrea Carrozzo, Saxophone; 

  • Arianna Granieri, Piano. 




  • 11/09/2019 Concert for Festival Musica Nova, Conservatorio Antonio Buzzolla di Adria; 

  • 28-30/01/2022 Workshop with the composer at Casa della Musica, Laureana di Borrello; 

  • 05/11/2022 Concert for AMA Calabria;

  • TBA/2023 CD Recording.

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