Far too many times we found ourselves dealing with a number of logistics problems. The various organizations and foundations hosting our concerts were not always able to achieve the material we needed and this obstacle often conditioned our
whole musical experience.

When we came up with the idea of an easily transportable in a suitcase instrumentation, we were projected in a total different dimension compared to the one we identified ourselves with up to that moment.

This intuition born from an important background issue opened our eyes toward a new step of our learning process. In the past year we were able to work with non-conventional instruments and we immediately perceived a different intellectual
knowledge compared to the one we were used to.
Even on the composers perspective, joining the saxophone to the keyboards is quite an intuitive and natural process, favoring the esthetic value rather than the pure sound research. Through “Suitcase”, we aspire to go on a more reasonable and sort of “artificial” path, based on the use of minimal instruments joined together with electronic music. Just to mention a few non- conventional musical instruments which we have already used more than once: stones, electric toothbrushes, brake drum, glass in every shape, plastic cups, cardboard, plants, leaves, metals, chunks of wood, pine cones, water, etc.

Our duo was born in order to find timbral common point between two families of instruments quite different among them: we keep on reaching toward new shades and new sound stimula. Therefore, “Suitcase” is an important opportunity which will allow us to measure ourselves on a musical and technical scale. For this reason, we strived to be as detailed as possible in finding works which could reflect the best potentialities, ideas and goals relying in the Suitcase Project.


The concert should be long 45 minuts with 4 pieces. 


  • Maria Teresa Treccozzi - "Orazion Picciola" for soprano saxophone, snare drum and electronics;

  • Maja Bosnic - NEW COMMISSION, (2021/2022); 

  • Julien Malaussena - NEW COMMISSION, (2021/2022);

  • Stanislas Pili - NEW COMMISSION, (2021/2022).

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