Through “Suitcase”, we aspire to go on a more reasonable and sort of “artificial” path, with the composition process based on the use of an easy transportable instrumentations.
The following items are allowed: Snare Drum, Alto or Soprano Sax and little objects. The composers can use also the electronics, but have to reflects the criteria of the project, so just electronic “easy transportable” and managed by the performer on stage.


Suitcase wants to show the hybridity of the instruments, sounds and concepts highlighted by the composers in collaboration with the performers. 



  • Maria Teresa Treccozzi - Orazion Picciola (2019)

  • Tommaso Settimi - Exouda II (2020) 

  • Simone CortiSongs from the trunk (2021)

  • Justina RepeckaiteCiclo continuo (2021)

  • Stanislas Pili - Nucleo (2021)

  • Maja Bosnic - Still life with clock (2021)